Noritake 5-Piece Place Setting for 12

OK, pop quiz for all my foodies and history-philes out there:

Which of these dishes can trace their origins to China?

a) Chop Suey

b) General Tso’s chicken

c) Cashew chicken

d) The china dinnerware you ate it on

e) None of the above

I was considering having everyone flip their screen upside down to read the answer, but that would drive all of you with smartphones and iPads completely nuts. The answer is… D. Chop Suey and cashew chicken were both American concoctions, and General Tso’s chicken was first served in a Taiwanese restaurant in the 1950’s before making its way to America in the ’60s. But fine china IS originally from China.

BONUS QUESTION: What’s the difference between china and porcelain?

Nothing at all. Americans tend to use the term “china” more frequently while Europeans favor “porcelain.” Many Europeans also favor spelling favor as “favour” for some reason.

Current Price: $475

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